Notice to smartphone users

As of February 20, 2024, this site will no longer support viewing on smartphones. You will be instructed to use a computer or server.

This site is best viewed on any desktop web browser, and through your Gopher client

Smartphones are the new (but obviously worse) dumbphones
~Izuru Yakumo, 2024

Please see the "STOP!! Smartphone" campaign for the reason

Thank you for your understanding


If you’d like to have an account on our server, you need to have the following.

Also, consider reading the privacy policy and terms of service3.

Once done with that, e-mail postmaster at chaotic dot ninja4 and wait for an answer. In the best case scenario, you’ll get it right away, in the worst case, several days.

Do note, in the case any of the administrators approve you, make sure to change your password right away.

Existing members can generally request accounts for other services beyond what they asked for the first time, and will be usually granted

  1. This does not apply for frontends and other public services.
  2. Only useful for Geidontei
  3. We do not want to end up in ToS;DR for something that simple
  4. Required, except when the mail server does not work, in such case, other methods are available

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