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Smartphones are the new (but obviously worse) dumbphones
~Izuru Yakumo, 2024

Please see the "STOP!! Smartphone" campaign for the reason

Thank you for your understanding


Name Services1
alexlehm E-mail, Geidontei, Suika
Axslashel Misskey
chunk Misskey
cmdc E-mail, Geidontei, XMPP
devious E-mail, XMPP
dre E-mail, Geidontei, XMPP
etsals Misskey
habafugu XMPP
jan6 Geidontei
jasima Misskey
jmjl E-mail, Geidontei
lucie XMPP
KiraHakoto Misskey
kitka E-mail, Geidontei, XMPP
kou XMPP
mima E-mail, Geidontei, Misskey, Suika, WriteFreely, XMPP
nishi E-mail, Geidontei
Pawlicker Misskey
ProfessorOkazaki Misskey
Phyto XMPP
Reisen_Occultia Misskey, XMPP
renken XMPP
SilSinn9821 Misskey
ty3r0x Geidontei
vnpower E-mail, Geidontei, Misskey, XMPP
yagokoro XMPP
yorigami Misskey. XMPP
zumi XMPP

  1. Does not include public services

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