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As of February 20, 2024, this site will no longer support viewing on smartphones. You will be instructed to use a computer or server.

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Smartphones are the new (but obviously worse) dumbphones
~Izuru Yakumo, 2024

Please see the "STOP!! Smartphone" campaign for the reason

Thank you for your understanding


These are the chat rooms hosted here.
See the rules if you would like to join.


This is the main chat room, expect to lose your mind.


This is THE room to talk about Touhou Project. (Len’en, Project Blank and Seihou also allowed)


You can suggest us to host games and we’ll also announce them if there are any running, if at all.


This is our support room, we also handle membership requests here, besides E-mail

The Purple Room (紫色の部屋)


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