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Here is a list of other hosts which have (roughly) the same goals as this one. We do not necessarily endorse them.

Server name Run by
076 TechnicalSuwako
13f0 shokara
Chaox Ty3r0x
Cute and Funny CK
Eientei iamtakingiteasy
exozyme (unknown)
Gianmarco’s Suite Gianmarco
Kallist Kyle Czar
Macaw blue
Mima’s World Mima qugalet
O U T E R N A T I O N A L adiz
PatchySICP Samson Smith, egor
raccoon’s quest dushman, raccoon
Tengu Space devious
~cafe jan6, spider
youjo.love1 Fox, Chizu

  1. Domain was suspended by its registrar, but it is accessible through usage of our DNS service.

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